Roulette Strategy

There is no mathematical or statistical method to accurately predict where the ball is going to land, Roulette is a game of chance and although we can guide you with some better bets to play, you will need some luck to really win big!

There are a variety of Roulette strategies – some players will keep playing the same numbers if they feel they are lucky, whereas other players will avoid numbers that have come up in the belief that they aren’t likely to come up again for some time.

In American Roulette there is a zero and a double zero, while European Roulette just has the one zero. Because of this, you have slightly better odds playing European Roulette.

There is no such thing as a biased roulette wheel – nor a true system that will ensure you win. We don’t recommend you buy one of the millions of books advertising that they can help you beat the roulette wheel. Remember, it is a game of luck, not skill.

However, being a game of chance, it is also a game where a player can walk in and win big with no skill at all.

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